What Our Members Have to Say

  • Lucy Lucy Consultant

    Between my manic work schedule, my quest to complete 100 marathons and my love for travelling, I was stuck! I felt tired constantly despite all the snacks and caffeine I was having every day, and I really wanted to achieve a breakthrough with my marathon time, but in the past I've found it difficult to stick to things like the Paleo Diet.

    I'm so glad that I came across the Not A Diet programme! Not only have I cut down on my snacks and soy lattes, I feel so much more energetic now, and I've even managed to shave 30 minutes off my marathon time! I might even come back for a second programme!

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  • Lorik Lorik IT Consultant

    I have a pretty typical lifestyle working as an IT Security consultant, going out with friends and playing football in my spare time and I try to stay active by exercising several times a week.

    When I first came across Not A Diet, I felt like I wasn't eating right, my energy was never 100% and I was waking up feeling tired. I also wanted to lower my body fat, which has been a fitness goal for at least a year now.

    Prior to starting the programme, I've already done a lot of research into various health and nutrition methods but never found one that worked for me.

    After completing my 6-week programme, I've managed to drop a total of 4% body fat, and I no longer wake up feeling tired! I feel very confident that the new habits that I've picked up during the programme will stay, and I'm still continuing to make progress now! Really pleasantly surprised by how effective this programme has been.

  • Jada Jada Risk & Control Project Manager

    Like many other office workers, I spend most days desk-bound, going from one meeting to another, creating or reviewing documents all day long at my desk. On top of that, I got used to missing meals during the day and then over-indulging at dinner.

    A few minor, simple changes already helped me massively especially with portion control, and I love that NAD helped me identify food options located on the way to the office.

    The programme was personally designed to suit my lifestyle...Not only am I eating more reasonably sized meals, I've even lost 2 inches around my waist and hips! I'd definitely recommend this programme as it empowered me to understand how to eat well. I'm confident doing this in combination with increased exercise will allow me to meet my targets! 

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