About the Founder

Since departing from the unhealthy university lifestyle that many of you may be familiar with, I have found myself completely unprepared for what was to come with a working life.

After months of ham and cheese croissants and cups of tea in the morning, leading on to lunches accompanied by the afternoon slump, and ending, inevitably, with dozing off on my sofa after dinner in front of the TV, Most weekends I would try to compensate on my sleep with lie-ins, and I would always enjoy spending time with friends, but I never really felt energetic. I realised it didn't quite add up. How can I possibly be so tired?

And so I embarked upon my own journey of figuring out how to regain energy and balance in my life. I must give credit to regular exercise, as this is what I first started with. However, as I began to develop a deeper understanding of how nutrition impacts the body, I realised that it is an absolutely essential element that everyone would benefit from.

I am really excited to share everything I've learnt with you so that you, too, can experience this life-changing transformation!

Not A Diet

Diploma in Weight Loss and Management
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