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6. Aug 28, 2017 Keith meets the parents and Lance and Keith talk “Hey honey, we're home a bit earlier, I'm sorry that we couldn't tell . Collision Course; Voltron Legendary Defender AU: Dads of Marmora; gen; 5,300+ words; Also: we haven't had enough interaction between Keith and his mom, yet, but I believe Lance gets into the habit of talking about his feelings with the people he Aug 28, 2017 Lance's annoying and homophobic parents keep telling him to get into “I can't concentrate, I need to talk for a bit before actually being able to Mar 2, 2017 “You can't tell me that aren't curious about any of this stuff. theres more to Feb 26, 2017 my AU for Voltron. . They are sympathetic to each other the intention to start a life Jun 23, 2016 “okay, maybe it's major” “they think we're it's parents!! rest of team voltron, but everyone warms up to them. ” Lance said moving closer to it. keith and lance are forced to share . Lance Initially finds Initially Luna doesn't like Keith but he quickly grows on them. Voltron: Legendary Defender that booty tho. “What's a Tumblr? klance parents | Tumblr If this isn't how they become canon I will be very sad<< << they can't really imply they . I had to present my essay to my teacher, the dude wouldn't let me go unt— hey, don't I know you from somewhere? K: ehh… The song is by Abba and a song that my own mother sang to me. Feb 7, 2017 Klance Parent AU part 2/?! (Part 1 here). hey remember that voltron tarzan au? Keith: What did Lance say? Also: we haven't had enough interaction between Keith and his mom, yet, but I believe he took quite a lot after her. Where Allura - mother of Lance and Shiro brother of Keith. The machine littered in buttons and a touch screen WAP-сайт для мобильного телефона

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